Outdoor Revolution Cayman Tail Awning

It was a lot easier than we expected to put up the Outdoor Revolution Cayman Tail awning than expected, it literally took 5 or 10 minutes max. It is also bigger than I expected, nice and roomy. Enough space for my beach table and 4 chairs and that’s excluding the tunnel area. It is one of the easiest tents I’ve ever had to erect literally assemble poles thread through, attach legs to corner pins and peg. First use we didn’t reverse the van, we just lifted it in place. It is light weight about 10kg packed away, the packaging does warn you against strong winds and recommended taking it down (standard I think) but we found it solid at breezy Brean once we put all the guy ropes in properly. Pitching the tent and reversing slightly seemed to make it a much better fit but you will need two people to do that easily.

Outdoor Revolution Cayman Tail Awning Review

The tunnel is designed to be adjusted with elastic and some straps that can be tightened but I’m not sure we got it right to be honest as the instructions don’t mention those guy ropes but it stayed in place and gave us a handy space for the Slidepod to cook in. The tailgate can still be opened and closed with it in place or we tended to bungee the tunnel away when we wanted to go out. There is an odd guy rope in the middle of the tunnel roof which just seems pointless but we can forgive that minor weird design feature. We suspect the tunnel with some additional poles could be pegged to stand up without the van in place. I may give it a try.

It has doors on all 4 sides which is pretty amazing plus 2 windows with zip down curtains and a door in the tunnel. It can effectively change from a tent to a open sided gazebo attached to the van or not as you wish. Versatility seems to be the intention here and they have achieved it.

The ground sheet has a raised edge so you don’t need to worry about water getting in although it’s not fixed to the sides in the centre this is held in place by bungees and can be folded flat if desired. We find it helps keep the tent cool and ventilated which is good for our intended use of the awning.

Outdoor Rev do extras to make it more versatile, and it looks like for another ¬£59.99 you can get an inner bedroom type addon. I don’t think we will need it but its nice to have the option if we want to upgrade later.

I would rate this a 9 out of 10, genuinely very impressed and was just what we were looking for to compliment our slidepod. We are very happy. with it and the service from the shop was superb. Recommended!

We purchased our awning from the VW California Club this is not a sponsored post, we purchased this awning for our own use.

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