Fiamma F45s Awning Installation (aftermarket)

We fitted the Fiamma F45s awning to our california. Relatively straight forward job.


At first glance the instructions seem a little insufficient but in reality they are fine and worked well.

It is a 2 man job for sure,or rather two man to lift it on. The prep could have been done solo however.


The first step is to fit the front bracket and then fit the rain seal before permanently fitting the rear bracket to make sure you can get the seal fully inserted.

The seal is probably the hardest part of the install. I found washing up liquid helped a little but the best bet was to insert from the front, bend it towards yourself and push the Seal in hard with a thumb. Can be a little painful so a strong amount of pressure is required. Well worth the effort however.

Fiamma F45s awning install
Insert the rain seal before adding the rear bracket
Add the rear bracket after the rain seal

Be cautious once installed to check the awning it high enough to allow clearance of the front door. You may damage your paint if it is too low.

If the awning is too low like this, you will damage your drivers door when opening it.

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