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Living in a t25 for a year long trip?

Living in a t25 for a year long trip? I just had to share this link, could you imagine heading out onto the road for a year in your bus? That is just what this couple have decided to do. Certainly worth subscribing to, I will be reading with interest.

Interior replacement

The van is almost there, with not much on the to do list it was time for the inside to be updated.

Cookie T25 restoration complete

So Cookie is finished, at least on the outside. It’s been an exciting and interesting time, I can honestly say I have really enjoyed the process. Seeing the bus slowly evolve and dealing with the sourcing of parts has been a challenge at time. There have also been some quite scary moments where we’ve found…

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Rotten Wheel arches on VW bus

1985 T25 restoration update, cutting out the rot

Work has begun on the body to remove the rot and weld in new panels. Work has also begun on prepping the paintwork, sanding it back eventually to bare metal. Some of the welding is undoing historic mot repairs which werent really the highest quality repair. It really shows why it’s important to seek out…

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Cookie 1985 VW T25 restoration begins…

So with P finished, the great team at Voodoo Restorations in Bulkington were ready to take on Cookie our 1985 VW T25 1.6d. Cookie is my first van and definitely not in my opinion as solid as P is. I can safely say I probably paid slightly more than I should have for the condition…

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Priscilla on the road again

Great to report that V’s van Priscilla is back on the road. Still a few jobs that need doing and we have to admit after getting the outside so beautifully finished, now we can’t help but want to spruce up the inside. The new Propex heater kindly replaced by Mansfield group is in and working…

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The Road to Recovery: Fixing Priscilla

You may have read earlier that Vanessa’s cherished van Priscilla (also known as P) was stolen. Fortunately the thieves didn’t have any success but they managed to crash her and do quite a lot of damage in the process. To make matters worse, the recovery company used a forklift and ruined the propex heater and…

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Sad times, someone tried to steal Priscilla

Sad and upsetting times. The red camper that belongs to my girlfriend, which she has affectionately named Priscilla was stolen the day after our holiday ended. It’s always jarring and upsetting when you are a victim of crime, the thieves no doubt either have no compassion or if they do justify to themselves that the…

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