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Oomph Coffee Maker Review

It is safe to say I already have too many devices to make coffee, the Oomph is one of them, here is my review.  As well as a nice machine at home I have a number of coffee makers I have purchased over the years to use in my van. Many of these have been…

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Useful things for the campervan cook

Cooking in a campervan or a tent, is a different experience and requires a slightly different approach to equipment. We are usually restricted on space and have to think carefully about what we pack.  So here we present a few useful things for the campervan cook! These are items we have tried and tested in…

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How to stay safe from Carbon Monoxide when camping

Do you want to know how to stay safe from Carbon Monoxide when camping? This article contains the information you need. What is Carbon Monoxide and how does Carbon Monoxide effect us? Camping often means cooking in your van, at campfires or bbqs, it is part of the joy of the great outdoors. Anything that burns…

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Diablo Stovetop Sandwich Maker

I am sure many of us have an electric sandwich toastie machine, pushed away inside a cupboard somewhere at home. I can’t deny I like a nice toastie but how often do I retrieve it from its tomb and make one at home? Pretty much next to never. However this little contraption the Diablo Stovetop…

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espresso in red cups

MiniPresso Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

It is no secret, I have a coffee habit. Strangely it’s not that I drink too much of it, it is that I have far too many devices to make coffee with. The minipresso is a portable espresso maker, that I purchased specifically to use in my campervan. The more I have got into my…

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