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A Wild Camp On Dartmoor

A Wild Camp on Dartmoor, the musings of V after her first ever wild camping experience. “Shall we go somewhere in the van this weekend?” Images flit across my mind of jam packed campsites, queues for the showers, overflowing bins and the inevitable tedious, twice-as-long journey back on Sunday’s motorways. “Let’s just go for the…

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game drawer in our camper, lots of fun

Top 10 board games for Campervan or Travel

It is no secret amongst my friends and family that I adore board games of all kinds, well maybe except the dreaded Monopoly… With that in mind I have compiled a list of my top 10 board games for campervan or travel. This includes card games too. Small form factor but big on fun is…

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Sweet potato coconut curry (vegan)

This sweet potato coconut curry recipe is super simple and tastes fantastic, it is even suitable for vegans. One of our goals in recent times has been to eat less meat, having at least 2 meals a week that don’t include it. This recipe is incredibly tasty and even the most dedicated carnivore would give…

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Campervan Shakshuka – Breakfast Recipe

A favourite breakfast recipe of ours, this campervan Shakshuka breakfast is our based upon the African dish can also be a good brunch. The salsa style sauce can also be saved and used for other meals later in the day making it an easy yet tasty van recipe. The recipe is a tomato based sauce,…

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Road trip via Belgium – mussels on a ridgemonkey

This video shows our trip to Rømø in Denmark, via Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. Our first stop was Bruges and Alsemberg to visit our friend Patrick and his family showed us an amazing way to cook mussells on a ridgemonkey. Patrick kindly showed us how to cook 3 courses on a ridge monkey pan on…

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Sweetcorn and seafood chowder recipe

Cooking on the beach – Seafood Chowder.

Campervan Cooking on the beach – Seafood and Sweetcorn Chowder. What is better than Campervan Cooking on the beach with great company? Nothing I can think of. This was a truly wonderful day out on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast, making Sweetcorn and Seafood Chowder for a large group. This is the perfect example of just…

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Oomph Coffee Maker Review

It is safe to say I already have too many devices to make coffee, the Oomph is one of them, here is my review.  As well as a nice machine at home I have a number of coffee makers I have purchased over the years to use in my van. Many of these have been…

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Campervan Cookout -VW California Beach – Fennel Chicken

We spent a week in South Devon in our VW California Beach around Dartmoor and surrounding areas After a cold start to the week the sun came out and the warmth came with it and we decided to have a spot of lunch in the glorious sunshine. As the beach doesnt have an integral kitchen…

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Quick, Easy, Delicious, Jam Jar Pancakes! Gluten Free too!

We like to call these jam jar pancakes, they are quick, easy and delicious and gluten free too! You can enjoy these pancakes in your campervan any way you like, with lemon juice, sugar, fresh fruit, chocolate or our favourite bacon and maple syrup. This recipe is gluten free but you can replace the flour with…

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drawing of kedgeree

Smoked Haddock Camper Kedgeree

  Smoked Haddock Camper Kedgeree is definitely a beautiful meal and one we recommend cooking outside on a portable stove. We hope to continue to prove that you can make great meals in your campervan with limited space and equipment but this one is recommended outdoor to avoid smells in your lovely camper. We used a Cadac Safari…

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