Sweet potato coconut curry (vegan)

This sweet potato coconut curry recipe is super simple and tastes fantastic, it is even suitable for vegans. One of our goals in recent times has been to eat less meat, having at least 2 meals a week that don’t include it. This recipe is incredibly tasty and even the most dedicated carnivore would give this a go, best of all our vegetarian and vegan friends can enjoy it too.

It’s another that takes a little over 20 minutes to make and you can be proud you made it from scratch. You can serve this with rice or as we did flat breads cooked on our cadac. If you are interested in making your own flat breads then let us know and we will publish our own recipe.


Supporting images:

Low heat fry the onions, garlic and tomatoes. Add the garam masala and turmeric.

Add the coconut milk to the ingredients, bring to the boil and add sweet potato and chick peas.

When sweet potato is cooked add the spinach and wilt down.

Serve with flatbreads or rice



Flatbread recipe (pre mix dry ingredients before leaving)

Homemade flat breads on the campervan stove

Flat bread

Flat bread ingredients

Flat bread ingredients

Mixing Oil and Flour

Flat breads ready to cook

Ready to cook

We used a Safari chef 2 (Low pressure version) for this recipe and would highly recommend Cadac for you outdoor needs. They are extremely versatile.



Posted on December 15, 2018 in Campervan Recipes

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