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espresso in red cups

espresso in red cupsIt is no secret, I have a coffee habit. Strangely it’s not that I drink too much of it, it is that I have far too many devices to make coffee with. The minipresso is a portable espresso maker, that I purchased specifically to use in my campervan.

The more I have got into my coffee, the more I appreciate the importance of making it properly. It is not just the coffee beans that make a difference, but how recently the coffee was ground, the grind size, and the method of extraction. The list goes on but it all adds up to either a good or a bad cup of coffee. More often than not it’s easy to make a bad one.

The days of using a Mokka pot are probably behind me, in fact I tried one at the weekend and I simply couldn’t stand the burnt metallic tasting coffee it usually produces. Maybe I have been spoilt?


How it works

portable espresso makerThe concept is simple, you put ground coffee (finely ground for espresso) into the filter, and screw it into the body. Then hot water a minute off the boil into the other. A few pumps of the button and espresso coffee comes out. Although it can’t compete with a proper espresso machine it does make a surprisingly drinkable espresso. If you want a longer coffee, you can simple add more hot water after extraction. The only tip I would give is make sure its thoroughly clean (it can leak hot water if not clear of grounds) and also run some hot water through it before use to warm up the internals and ensure hot coffee.


  • Compact size means it can easily be stowed away in any camper.
  • Easy to use, doesn’t need any coffee expertise to use.
  • Makes decent espresso with a good creme all considered, it won’t compete with a proper machine but its not half bad.
  • Cheaper than similar competitors.


  • If you want a double or a coffee for a friend it can take some time to make more than one espresso.
  • Can be messy in between shots and after use.
  • It can occasionally leak hot water onto your hands.if not absolutely free of any coffee grinds.
  • Although cheaper than the similar Handpresso, it is still expensive when compared with the more versatile (but much bigger) aeropress .


If space is at a premium but decent coffee is a must this may fit the bill. It is incredibly compact and does make a passable shot. If you want to make a few coffees it can take a while with this device but they are drinkable. There are cheaper alternatives available such as the aeropress but they do take up more space and I think the espresso from the minipresso has a very slight edge in taste. It always goes with me in my van and on days out. I often take a flask of hot water if I don’t have access to a kettle. Although it feels solid, I am not confident that it would last with a lot of heavy use, as it already leaks a little.


Minipresso espresso extraction in slow motion

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Posted on September 5, 2016 in Camping Equipment, Coffee

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