Holiday time

Paddington Farm Trust, Glastonbury

Day 1 of the holiday we have headed south from Warwickshire via the a46 and then down the m5 to Glastonbury.

We’ve stopped off at the Paddington Farm camp site.

Paddington Farm Trust Campsite, Glastonbury

Paddington Farm Trust Campsite, Glastonbury

We headed out for a walk out at sunset to build a good appetite. The site is fascinating, and has all manner of strange attractions and features. A community garden, a witches hat which the kids present absolutely adored.

The showers are in an old milking shed and much to my amusement the paraphernalia was still in place. The blackboard detailed the proper process for milking , which was rather an odd thing to read whilst washing your hair.

After a wander around the countryside and site it was back to the van for poached eggs, asparagus and hollandaise. Mmmm. Tomorrow we will Glastonbury Torr which I will cover in my next post and then we are off to Weymouth.



Day 2
At Weymouth we spent a little time on the beach and amazing Cod and chips from King Edwards chipshop. Two rather courageous seaguls sat right next to us, doing their best to make us feel guilty and share our late lunch.

On our way towards Briport, we decided to settle for the first campsite we saw a sign for. With this attitude serving us well in the past, we ended up at East fleet, a very nicely equipped site with a nice view and relaxed feel. The bathrooms were amazing each its own self contained bathroom with toilet, sink and shower and lockable door. The shop was better equipped for camping than many camping stores and sold enough food and drink to get you buy without having to leave. This site was nice and perhaps a little too refined for us and more of a caravan site it had everything you could need, We met a rather tipsy chap called Roger on our only night there who like so many came to talk to us about the van, and reminisce about his time with VW campers. Clearly Roger’s ability to chat to anyone served him well and he shared his many travelling stories, visiting so many interesting places often just from talking to strangers. Despite his broad travels, Roger returned to this site year after year, which speaks volumes.

Bridport via West Bay

Day 3:
We then moved into West Bay near Bridport. we walked in and to be frank straight out again. The habour has a ridiculous number of fish and chip shops (about 8 in 1/4 mile), but I have to say the food in most looked amazing. After cod the day before we didn’t partake however and it had pretty much nothing else going for it sadly.

After a disappointing visit to West Bay it was into Bridport itself where I bought my first ever hat from T.Snook an amazing hat shop. You really should visit and buy yourself something like I did.

We also dropped into Leakers Bakery, which served some of the most amazing pastries and pasties I have ever eaten. The Almond croissants are to die for, no word of a lie!!! Try one!

Golden Cap Campsite, Seatown

Following recommendations from club 80-90 forum users, we traveled to Golden Cap and got a sea side pitch, expensive for the sea view but worth it. We decided to spend a couple of days there. The weather is scorching, lovely and hopefully we will find some fossils. Well it is the Jurassic coast.




One thing that always happens with a t25 is everyone who has ever owned or wanted to own one comes and says hello. It’s like owning a four wheeled ice breaker and I’ve met so many characters already.



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