Foods that are poisonous for dogs

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There are quite a lot of foods that are poisonous for dogs, since becoming dog owners we have been repeatedly surprised at ordinary things that can cause illness or even be fatal. It can be quite worrying once you realise, especially if your dog has a habit of scavenging when out and about. More information can be found on Wikipedia

So here is a list of foods that you should never let your dog eat.

Apple pips – Our dogs love apples but you need to avoid the pips, they contain tiny amounts of cyanide which can cause problems if chewed. Peaches and Plums  are similar to apples, the stones in these fruits are very bad for your dog.

Cooked Bones – Cooked bones can easily splinter when chewed by your dog. Stick to raw bones and you will be fine.

Cat Food – Cat food has a higher fat content than dog food, so should be avoided for the pooch, although not instantly an issue it is likely to cause health problem in the mid to long term.

Chocolate – No matter how big their eyes, chocolate is toxic, symptoms include panting, vomiting, and diarrhea, and it can effect your dogs nerves and worst case even damage their heart.

Fish – cooked fish is fine, but smoked or raw fish should be avoided due to the risk of parasites.

Garlic – Garlic is a relative of the onion which is also toxic for dogs.

Grapes, Raisins and Sweet Mince Meat– This is one that lots of dog owners are unaware of. Grapes contain a toxin that can cause severe liver damage and kidney failure.  For some reason dried fruit is even worse, and the causes aren’t fully understood yet. Don’t let your dogs near any of these, especially not mince pies or Christmas cake or pudding.

Mushrooms – There are plenty of poisonous mushrooms out in the wild and just as they can be bad for people they are for dogs. We extend this rule to even edible mushrooms just in case (but the risk is low thankfully).

Onions and Chives – No matter what form they’re in onion is one of the worst things a dog can eat. Don’t let me them eat anything made of onion or with onion in it.

So there you go, that is a list of foods that are poisonous to dogs, so now you can keep man’s best friend safe and sound when cooking in your campervan.



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