Exmoor and a week in Croyde in a VW 1985 T25 Video

At the end of August we took a week off and decided to head out in my t25 camper, Cookie. Priscilla sadly is being repaired after being stolen and crashed, news on the repairs soon.

Here is a little video, which shows the morning after our wild camp (well it’s not really camping is it more parking) on Exmoor and a few shots of our time in Croyde. It was an incredibly chilled week and the surf was quite quite terrible but we had fun and relaxed.

Just a note on the wild camp, anyone into the T25 scene will know doubt have seen CampervanCulture, and know that Jed is a real advocate of responsible wild camping. I would just like to echo Jed’s sentiment, we had a great wild camp experience on our journey towards Croyde. Exmoor is a really remote location in places and there was next to no traffic and absolutely no phone signal. The remoteness, the silence and the views are what make it so wonderful, and means its not filled with litter or eyesores. Long should it remain. We had dinner, sat watching the stars move across the sky and listened to music. Bliss. Importantly we were careful to leave no trace of our stay.

Around 3am we awoke to the sound of a car driving past us, into the gravelled area. The car then drove to the far side of the area and sat with its engine running and its headlight pointed towards our vehicle on for a good 5 minutes. It did make us a little nervous, we won’t lie, peering nervously through the roof vent in the poptop must have looked quite comical. A few minutes after it arrived the car left, and that was when we realised it was a police car. Proof that if you wild camp responsibly, don’t leave litter and behave well, there is no reason why you can’t camp. I wouldn’t say we weren’t deserved but we didn’t get the knock on the van we were expecting.

On the way back we had an injector pipe shear and this left us running on three cylinders and spraying diesel everywhere in the engine bay, we could not continue. After a failed attempt to repair it, I finally caved and called the AA. Amazingly the gent who turned up, knew of a VW specialist in Braunton, made a call and asked if they had a pipe for a 1.6d. To my surprise they did and within an hour we were back on our way home. Once again a potential issue resolved and the journey continued.

The song for any who care, is from a great camper suitable album called All the little lights by Passenger.

Filmed on a 5d mk2 and a GoPro Hero HD.




Posted on September 12, 2013 in Road trips, Videos

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