dog walk with a drone

It seems quite a while since I decided to film a dog walk with a drone.


We are still in the early stages of establishing campervan cookout and deciding the direction we want it to take. The current plan is to host a variety of recipe that can be easily cooked in your campervan (or whilst camping) with 1 or 2 gas rings and the reduced kitchen utensils that camping often brings. We hope to provide step by step videos and recipes to make the process effortless. It can be tempting to resort to ready made food when camping but we hope to prove that this need not be the case.

Of course we also intend to share some of our fun experiences and trips too, it isn’t all about food. This video is a little something I put together on a rather lovely walk in the British countryside with our two spaniels Rudy and Honey. It was shot entirely with a GoPro 3 and a phantom 2 quadcopter.



N.B. We complied with the CAA guidelines at all times when filming this short video.



Posted on September 1, 2016 in Fun, Travel

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Matt loves campervans, the outdoors and photography. Combining the 3 is a recipe for happiness.

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