Diablo Stovetop Sandwich Maker

diablo stovetop sandwich maker

I am sure many of us have an electric sandwich toastie machine, pushed away inside a cupboard somewhere at home. I can’t deny I like a nice toastie but how often do I retrieve it from its tomb and make one at home? Pretty much next to never. However this little contraption the Diablo Stovetop Sandwich maker may well revive toastie making for me, at least when I am away in the campervan.

First of all the thing is small, really small. This makes it easy to hide away but may give the impression it will produce an unsatisfying toastie but thankfully that is not the case. Where the diablo wins is that the design gives a deep sandwich, so deep in fact some may argue its bordering on being a pie. In fact some of the recipes are for pies although I haven’t personally yet tried them.

The process is simple, I butter my bread on the outside, fill with the filling of choice, cheese and ham works well, but equally you could go for something sweet. 60-90 seconds each side over a stovetop burner or flame and your toastie is done. The design seems to prevent leaks well but I will admit it does waste a fair bit of bread mostly the crusts. It seems fine to use with gas, fire or even bbq and gives good results all the same.

Best of all the Diablo is pretty cheap, I paid just £15.99 for mine. It doesn’t get a huge amount of use but it certainly feels good to sit outside holding it over a flame as you watch the world go by. Other than wasting the crusts and some bread (we feed it to the birds) there isn’t much not to like about this. Hence it is always in my van!

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Posted on October 5, 2016 in Camping Equipment

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