Campervan Cookout -VW California Beach – Fennel Chicken

We spent a week in South Devon in our VW California Beach around Dartmoor and surrounding areas After a cold start to the week the sun came out and the warmth came with it and we decided to have a spot of lunch in the glorious sunshine.

As the beach doesnt have an integral kitchen like the California SE or Ocean we do our cooking on a Slidepod.

The recipe is incredibly simple for stove or bbq and will take only a few minutes. Always check your chicken is cooked properly all the way through and wash your hands when handling raw meat.

Chicken with fennel seeds..

Veg of your choice (we had new potato and greens).
Chicken Breasts
On the vine tomatoes
Garlic gloves
Black olives
Fennel Seeds
Salt and Pepper
Rosemary (fresh preferable) we ran out for filming 🙁
Olive or Sunflower oil..



Posted on May 31, 2018 in Campervan Recipes, Travel, Videos

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