British Camp 2 and Warwick by the river

British Camp in the Malvern Hills

British Camp in the Malvern Hills

As you may have read in my other Malvern post, I didn’t have much luck last time I went there. I had heard such wonderful stories of the views from British camp so at the first sign of sun Vanessa and I decided to pack a bag and head out in her van Priscilla.

Luckily for us we live about an hour away so the drive was short but extremely picturesque. We avoided the motorways and took the scenic root along the A46, via Stratford, Evesham and then onto Worcester. It takes a little longer but its a far more enjoyable, as any camper van journey should be.

The British Camp is a stone age fortification, or what remains of it, dug from the very hillside. We pulled up outside the Malvern Hills Hotel, ironically where I broke down previously in my van Cookie. When you first the earthworks, it’s quite impressive, its hard to fathom how men with stone age tools and  elbow grease achieved such a thing. The picture above is about half way up, and its easy to lose time taking it in.

After climbing to the half way point, our hearts were pounding and calf muscles burning, I realised that it took our ancestors slightly more willpower than I had to achieve such an epic task.

We then headed to the Marlbank Inn , just 2 miles away  but with a rather lovely camping area, which can support tents, vans or caravans, even has a hookup if you want one. It’s what I would describe as a cosy pub aimed at locals, the food and drink was good but it was very busy. Book up if you want to go in peak season is my advice. That said we did just turn up and ask to book, and even managed to get a table for food.

Malvern Hills Hotel

Myton Fields, Warwick

Myton Fields, Warwick

After we left Malvern on the Sunday we headed back towards home. Intending to stop off at Stratford in a rather handy little riverside carpark just outside town to have lunch. Sadly the council seem to have erected a height restriction recently so Priscilla’s high top would not get under. Sad it was a nice spot but you should be fine in a tiptop but check first.

Not to be beaten we headed to Myton Fields in Warwick, a great spot on the grass right next to the river. They do charge parking £3 upto 4 hours and £4.50 for more than 4 hours.  This is a great spot for kayakers to launch from and has a couple of small launch points. You can even paddle right upto the castle and get an amazing view.

On a hot sunny day its worth pointing out that the river will be full of tourists paddling giant swans and dinosaurs.

Oh and of course here is the cheesy video, goes without saying, plus I got home without any head wounds! Bonus!


The video was shot on a GoPro Hero HD (mk1) and some additional shots on a Canon 5d mk2. The SLR footage is so good I plan to start making proper videos going forward.



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