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drawing of kedgeree

Smoked Haddock Camper Kedgeree

  Smoked Haddock Camper Kedgeree is definitely a beautiful meal and one we recommend cooking outside on a portable stove. We hope to continue to prove that you can make great meals in your campervan with limited space and equipment but this one is recommended outdoor to avoid smells in your lovely camper. We used a Cadac Safari…

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espresso in red cups

MiniPresso Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

It is no secret, I have a coffee habit. Strangely it’s not that I drink too much of it, it is that I have far too many devices to make coffee with. The minipresso is a portable espresso maker, that I purchased specifically to use in my campervan. The more I have got into my…

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dog walk with a drone

It seems quite a while since I decided to film a dog walk with a drone.   We are still in the early stages of establishing campervan cookout and deciding the direction we want it to take. The current plan is to host a variety of recipe that can be easily cooked in your campervan…

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